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Beer Taps for Bars

Fixed Bar Beer Tap

Any beer tap bar you may walk into prides itself on delivering great beer. That’s their business. That’s what they do best and they do it so their customer will like it, stay longer, spend more and return.

See how it works

After all, this is business and they need to make money. The bar beer taps denote what’s on tap but all of that is changing with the introduction of the version of beer taps for bars! We are delivering self-serve beer systems for the customers to use and pour their own beer right at a beer wall or draft beer table.

These beer taps for bar settings are causing quite a stir and are gaining quick popularity. Already seen on Bar Rescue, the concept is growing and there are rumblings that will be introducing their mobile beer wall to a national audience with Bar Rescue again in 2013.

The beer tap bar alone, without self-serve, has been a growing phenomenon now for years with the national craft beer explosion. The bar beer taps that are offered from are simply matching that consumer demand for more beer choices with the retail owners’ needs to stay ahead of their competition, give their consumers a reason to talk about their place, revisit with friends and spend more.

The 'spend more' piece has been figured out as well. With no wait at the bar as you serve yourself, sales must increase. But don’t think that this is done without responsible consumption in mind. The company has put in place measures whereby consumers cannot drink unchecked. After every two beers their key fob or ‘beer button’ will tell them they need to see a staff member to regain access to pouring two more beers. Once they have done so they can continue to pour if that is what the staff member deems fit at that point. Any bar beer tap can pour beer, but the questions owners need to start asking themselves are "Do my bar beer taps…":

  • Drive traffic
  • Save on waste and giveaway
  • Give the customer a unique and memorable experience
  • Add positively to cash flow the best way possible
  • Drive incremental sales

If the answer is yes to all of the above then they are likely to have invested in the pourmybeer system.

Call us today at 267.323.1100 or contact us online for more information on investing in a pourmybeer system!

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