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Bar Dispensers

Mobile Bar Beer Dispenser

Our self-serve beer tables and beer walls, also called bar dispensers, are engineered so that customers can serve or dispense beer right from the units.

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Don’t Make Your Customers Wait for Beer

A bar dispenser can be as commonplace as a regular beer tap behind the bar but the Innovative Tap Solutions company,, has taken the concept to new technological heights so that there is less wait for a beer in all types of establishments from stadium settings to sports bars, brew pubs, and craft beer havens. No matter where your establishment is located, our innovative bar dispensers will add some flair to the way customers get their beer — and you’ll reduce their wait time significantly!

Responsible Alcohol Consumption

Table top beer dispensers are like plastic towers with taps at the base. They also been showing up in bars as of late, but they lack the responsibility mechanisms that our draft beer tables and beer walls offer. Our beer tables and beer walls restrict customers, so they can only pour two beers at a time before they are stopped by the technology. A staff member then assesses their condition before allowing them further ‘credit’ of two more beers.

This means our beer dispenser is seen as a more responsible method of alcohol consumption than those dispensers that lack these types of checks. You can ensure that all your patrons are being safe with their alcohol consumption, which gives friends and family members peace of mind as well.

More Choices

With customers pouring their own beer, they now have access to more choice as they can dispense what they want when they want. This makes your establishment more attractive for many beer-lovers who thrive on trying new brews and are excited about pouring their own. You’ll also create some buzz and may even attract new customers simply from word of mouth!

As an added bonus, you’ll no longer suffer the waste or giveaway that you encounter behind the bar traditionally. This waste, in some cases, could be almost a third of your entire beer stock. With an industry standard figure average of 23%, suffering the loss of beer while operating traditional taps begins to eat significantly into any beer profits that were available to begin with. Draft beer can certainly be profitable but not with these kinds of losses attached. Our bar dispensers mitigate that loss for you, as a retail owner. You’ll gain that money back with our bar dispensers, so you can start investing it where it matters most.

Customers enjoy the experience of pouring their own beer as well, adding to the allure of the mobile and fixed bar dispensers offered by our company. Give your customers an experience they’ll remember — one they will talk about with their friends — and keep them coming back. When you’re at the forefront of the bar dispensing trend, there won’t be many other competitors out there that give customers this unique beer-pouring experience.

There is also an educational aspect to them as the android tablets at the taps can give the customer beer facts and brand history, flavor profiles, and food pairings. Not to mention that our beer dispensers also show the customer what they have poured and what credit they have available. When it comes to beer, nothing is better than convenience and a personalized experience.

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