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Bar Tap Systems

Bar Tap System

Tap systems for bars like those made by are truly unique. Our bar tap system is a change for the consumer but not the bar tenders! Yes, that's right, customers can pour their own beer right at a draft beer table or beer wall! Legality? No problem there.

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The team at have done their due diligence on that end and 44 of 50 states allow their system as of January 2013. Others will likely follow suit as they see demand grow from their retail owners for a system that is, in most cases, twice as responsible as current state legislation on the books.

How is that possible? Most state laws allow a customer to order a pitcher of beer for themselves, containing 64 ounces of beer, or 4 pints. The bar tap systems from only allow the customer access to two beers at a time before they have to be checked by a staff member. At this point they are then assessed for their condition to be re-upped two more beer 'credits' on the hardware fob that they use to access the beer at the bar tap system.

The form that these bar tap systems take is a table with two taps on the mobile version (or four taps if it is piped from the cold storage area) or a beer wall, which can have an unlimited number of taps. The customer can walk up to either and treat it much like a filling station in that they can insert their fob (aka beer button) by the tap of their choice, hit the "GO" button on the android tablet screen in front of them and pour their beer right there.

It is a unique consumer experience that we have found drives quite a bit of chatter on social media sites, print and local media. Our bar taps are indicative of the type of technology that will be expected for years to come, but that is readily available in many locales.

If it's something that interests you, we would be happy to get you more information on how bar tap systems could work in your area.

Call us today at 267.323.1100 or contact us online for more information!

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