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Beer Tap Equipment

Beer Tap Equipment

Beer tap equipment has taken a turn for the better at They have brought to market a way for customers to pour their own beer at their draft beer tables and beer walls.

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Customers all over the country have been experiencing these tables for almost three years. The owners of, Josh Goodman and Declan Duggan, have been gradually introducing this type of self-serve beer tap equipment over that period of time and this year looks like it is set to be another banner year as retail owners see the real value and return on investment in placing these tables in their establishments. Why on earth would they do that you might say? Well, here are a few points that you may not have realized that this particular type of beer tap equipment offers the customer:

  • A unique experience pouring beer at the bar yourself with your friends!
  • You can pour as much or as little as you want at a time, promoting responsible consumption all the while you have to see a staff member after you hit a two beer limit.
  • Individual key fobs allow access to the beer, meaning people pay for what they use individually or as a group, whatever they like.
  • Because they can walk up to any tap on our system, they have greater choice with less commitment to a particular glass size. More flexible than the traditional method.
  • Bar owners like them as they reduce wait times at the bar increasing sales and customer satisfaction.
  • It makes for happier customers and happier customers stay longer, spend more and are more likely to repeat visit.
  • They put the responsibility of waste and giveaway back on their consumer (who is happy to do so) and each keg is now 100% profitable.
  • It increases transactions sizes, tips (a happy customer is a tipping customer) and traffic. The Holy Grail!
  • The beer button sales improve positive cash flow as the restaurant is paid before the customer pours a beer. Beer button sales open up a new revenue stream, as they can be seen as virtual 'gift cards' for your bar of choice.

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