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Beer Walls

Mobile Beer Wall

A state of the art, fully functional, self-contained, 84" long beer system on wheels. Features 4 taps with RFID readers, keg couplers, flow control & FOBs. Houses 4 slim quarter kegs or sixtels. The featured Bar Rescue beer wall, seen across the country and around the world.

As seeon on Bar Rescue
  • Tablet screens display consumer data & brand details
  • Drip tray
  • Refrigeration unit keeps kegs at a cool 34°F. Our Wine systems have two zones to allow you to dispense 4 wines at 2 different temperatures
  • On wheels for easy relocation
  • The RFID Reader communicates with the RFID Wristband, giving customers access to the tap
  • Comfortably stores & chills up to twelve 1/6 kegs or four full kegs

What would your ideal restaurant employee look like?

  • Brings customers through the doors night after night.
  • Serves multiple customers at one time.
  • Manages thousands of transactions a night and never loses a sale.
  • Never gives away free drinks.
  • Responsible for 100% profit from every keg you sell.
  • Gives you reports on every customer that had the slightest amount of beer there.
  • Allows you to use those reports to action loyalty and traffic driving programs.
  • They look great!

Meet the PourMyBeer Beer Wall, featured on Bar Rescue!

Customer Experience

  • Customers driver's license creates a unique ID for them.
  • They are given an RFID wristband/card tied to their ID.
  • They pour beer at the PourMyBeer Wall.
  • They are limited to 2 beers at a time and are re-upped by staff that see fit to do so.
  • At the end of the night they return the RFID device and pay their tab.
  • They get a detailed receipt of what they poured.
  • "Buy a round" feature online allows them to buy beers for friends to redeem there.
  • "Reserve a pint" online for those rare kegs that show up occasionally!

Owner/Operator Benefits

  • Track staff efforts on proactive wristband sales.
  • No wait for beer = incremental sales.
  • Customers waiting to be seated? Let them grab a beer & keep them in-house and happy!
  • Track and reward ALL of your customers.
  • "Buy a Round" & "Reserve a Pint" features drive online sales, traffic and positive cash flow.
  • Software updates and 24/7 support.
  • Backend reporting allows you to understand, and internally market to your target customers.

What you, the owner, get with your PourMyBeer Wall…

Both Versions: Mobile & Built In

  • Management Work Station – Touchscreen system – Check your customers in by swiping their driver's license and credit cards.
  • Onsite Database – Houses all of your consumption data and reports to our cloud database every five minutes to ensure your data is backed up.
  • Thermal Printer – To give you & your customers detailed transaction receipts.
  • Flow Control & Metering Technology for each line.
  • RFID Wristbands or Cards – (customizable)
  • RFID receptors for each tap
  • Tablets Screens – per tap/per 2 taps that show beer brands, flavor notes, styles, ABV and pour volumes.

Mobile Beer Wall:

  • State of the art, fully functional, self-contained 84" long beer system on wheels with 4 taps.
  • Comfortably stores and chills up to twelve 1/6 kegs or 5 full kegs at 35 degrees F.
  • 4 taps with RFID readers, keg couplers, flow control and FOBs.
  • 1 Gas Regulator.
  • WiFi Boosters in scenarios where a cat5 cannot be run to the Beer Wall
  • Tablet Screens to display consumer data and brand awareness

Built In Beer Walls:

  • You can choose between 2 – 100+ self-serve Beer Wall Taps in your location.
  • We can project manage directly with your team to help make whatever you envision become a reality.
  • Optional 7" – 10" Tablet Screens to display brand and consumption data

Call us today at 267.323.1100 or contact us online for more information!

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