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Draft Beer Dispensing System

Draft Beer Dispensing System

Draught beer dispensing systems, as known in the UK, or a draft beer dispensing system (here in the USA) are one of the key features in a successful bar or restaurant operation. All bar draft beer systems must be installed correctly by qualified technicians.

See how it works

That is why we at have our own network of authorized installers that work to configure our fixed bar draft system to our tables and/or beer walls. Our system pours great beer as long as the beer line installer has done their job to the quality standards that we expect from our network of vetted and authorized beer line installers.

Our mobile draft beer dispensing system, either the tables or the beer wall varieties, are standalone systems on wheels that have their own pre-fabricated systems inside the refrigerated compartments below the table top or wall, and therefore do not require running lines to them in the manner required for fixed systems.

The android tablet feature is available on both the fixed and mobile systems, if such system appeals to you. If you are planning a fixed system, our internal install team follows the beer line installer’s team into your retail location and they install all the electronics, meters, valves, web servers, and tablets needed to make your place the showcase you intend it to be for your customer base.

Why Customers Love It

  • Pouring your own beer is a fun, do-it-yourself experience that anyone of legal age can enjoy. Customers love the novelty and will make a point of visiting your establishment just to try it for themselves.
  • Your customers will also benefit from decreased wait times. Since they’re not required to wait for a server or bartender, they can get their drink faster and without a lot of hassle.
  • The convenient “beer button” eliminates the need to have cash on hand. No more loose change or sweaty bills to deal with — just swipe and pay instantly!
  • With our self-serve beer systems, customers only pay for the amount they want to drink. What if they don’t want a full pint? No problem! This is also great for sampling new brews without committing to a full glass — customers have a chance to broaden their horizons and try things they otherwise wouldn’t.

Why Establishments Love It

Aside from being a great novelty that will attract people to your bar, restaurant or casino, our draft beer systems make financial sense. You’ll free up your servers and waste less money due to re-pours and giveaways. In fact, many of our customers find that, on a per-line basis, our products pay for themselves in as little as two or three kegs.

If you are entertaining a self-serve draft beer system, we encourage you to connect with us so that we can educate you on how our system works, how it differs from others on the market, and how it can add incremental profit to your business. If you are entertaining the fixed system specifically, we would also be happy to recommend the beer line installation companies in your area that you should work with in order to get the best results from not only our equipment, but also your own mainframe bar draft beer system.

Call us today at 267.323.1100 for more information!

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