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Draft Beer Dispensing Equipment

Draft Beer Dispensing Equipment

Draft beer dispensing has become somewhat of an art form over the years, from pouring a Guinness via their two-step process that takes 127 seconds to pour the perfect pint to the seven steps suggested by the Belgian icon Stella Artois. With more and more brands demanding their own glassware and a specific method of dispensing beer, it’s no wonder that draft beer dispensing equipment has had to make some terrific leaps to try to catch up with what the brewers and their brand leaders are coming up with!

See how it works

At, we feel that our draft beer dispensing equipment is a world leading product. Customers access their beer themselves allowing them to understand the nuances of draft beer dispensing first hand, earning a new appreciation for the art form altogether.

Our draft beer tables and beer walls are accessed for self-serve by the customer with the use of a hardware fob we call a 'beer button.' The customer purchases the button from the bar and adds a dollar value of their choice to it by pre-paying that amount to the retailer. They then place their unique fob in the receptor by the tap. This opens the beer line and they can then begin to pour their beer. They can pour a small sample of a full glass. If they are sure they like their choice, what they pour is then subtracted from their dollar value credit and is shown on the android tablet at the tap.

It Pays for Itself

The beauty of a draft beer dispensing system is that it pays for itself almost instantly. By being among the first to adopt this new system, your business gains a unique marketing advantage that will draw in customers fascinated by novelty. Beyond that, however, our research has shown that customers love not having to wait for service at the bar. They’ll also have the choice of paying only for what they want to drink.

Self-dispensing systems are good for your bottom line, too. In addition to freeing up staff to serve more customers, you’ll benefit from less waste and fewer giveaways. In fact, our beer dispensing equipment will help you save an average of 23% — or $142.60 — per keg with our system. On a per line basis, you’ll recoup your costs after pouring just two or three kegs. Best of all, all our clients get access to in-depth reporting that clearly demonstrates these savings in action.

Nearly any hospitality business can benefit from a draft beer dispenser. Our products are found in bars, hotels, casinos, restaurants and more. All it takes is a few hours to have a dispenser installed in your location. Once it’s set up, our dispensers are trouble-free and easy to maintain. Ultimately, a beer dispenser is one of the easiest new revenue streams that can be added to your business.

Is It Available in Your State?

This type of self-serve draft beer dispensing has only really been in operation in the U.S. within the last 5 years or so. Our company has met with and cleared the path legally for this to happen in 44 of the 50 states to date and we continue to seek 'justice' in the other six. If you are a retailer in one of the hold out states, fear not for our draft beer dispensing equipment will make it to you soon. Hang in there; good things come to those who wait!

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