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Sports Bar Equipment

Sports bars are a staple in every U.S. town and for good reason; we love our sports, we thrive on competition, and we like to win! In that spirit, more and more U.S. sports bars are turning to to outfit their establishments with the best sports bar equipment money can buy.

See how it works

Their self-serve beer tables and beer walls are beer bar equipment on steroids for your business! Customers can serve themselves so they pick the time, the beer and the amount they want when they want, never missing a moment of the big game. Couple that with the fact that it reduces the average bar beer waste and giveaway number by 23%, then you know you have joined a winning team.

Beer bar equipment like this is rare and the edge you get over your local competition is quite staggering. Your customers will talk it up with their friends, facebook post photos of themselves at the beer walls and draft tables, and 'check in' at them!

It does not get much better than having a customer base that loves your newest sports bar equipment and they do your marketing for you!

A few other sports bar specific facts that owners like to hear about our self-serve beer systems...

  • The draft beer tables become the best seat in the house for watching the games and on big game days the tables can get a premium booking fee on top of the beer revenue they drive during the event.
  • Don't forget that every keg through our beer bar equipment is 100% profitable now with no waste or giveaway.
  • Floors can also use their ‘beer button’ key fobs to serve beers to their tables if the bar is too busy.
  • Game times mean that a sports bar needs to get as much beer to their customers as they can in the short window that the game is on. If people are standing in line at the bar waiting for service the bar owner is losing sales. This is not the case if customers can serve themselves.
  • Without doubt they are a key piece of sports bar equipment for the savvy sports bar owner.

Call us today at 267.323.1100 or contact us online for more information on becoming a savvy sports bar owner.

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